I thought it would be interesting to look into surrealism, since we didn’t really cover it in class. This artist,¬†Cyril Rolando’s did a great job I find his work just beautiful, and It was also really nice to see a piece that wasn’t so intense or extreme as the others.


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One more Motion Graphic

This is the last motion graphic video I’ll post, I just think that its so interesting to see the different ways that motion graphics can be used. This video has so many different aspects.

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Another Motion Graphics

I also thought this video was very cool and just kinda showed how much you can do with motion graphics and how far you can take it. Very cool video.

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Motion Graphics

I thought this video was so cool and the motion graphics are just perfect I like the simplicity of the animation but at the same time it is also very complex.

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Hyperrealism example


Even though we have already covered hyperrealism in class, I still love the idea and concept of it. I thought this image done by Patrick Kramer, is so creative and comical at the same time. I think that this picture is such a great image and shows that hyperrealism can still be amazing as long as the focal point and image is interesting.PatrickKramerAnExistentialConfrontationweb

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Artinus 3d Museum


There is a museum somewhere in H0 Chi Minh city, that is the first all 3d art museum. All of the exhibits in the museum are 3d. I find this idea so cool, all of the works of art are so interactive that visitors can actually pose with the image and it looks like its all one piece of art. My hope one day would be to have a museum like this in New York City as well.

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More Cubism Inspiration…


Since our new project will be cubism, I wanted to find pictures or images that I found beautiful and ideas as well. I wanted to work on something that would inspire me as well as allow me to see pieces of work that I enjoy and would like to create. This image is beautiful, I love the use of colors and triangles. At first glance I didn’t see the horses in the image, but that colors had caught my eye. The vibrant colors, are great examples of cubism. While I couldn’t find the artist responsible for this work I am inspired and can’t wait to create something as great as this piece of work.

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